The first thing that hits you when you open the EXNESS website is its cool images which are large and colorful and exciting to look at. Since EXNESS is a partner of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Championship, the snapshot of its flashy Infiniti racing car is certainly not out of place.

And since the website is available in 23 different languages so people from all over the world can participate in the fun.

The EXNESS Group offers clients access to the interbank market through an ECN, which is based on a software “aggregator” that coordinates the execution of client orders at the best prices from among several well-known liquidity providers connected to the “aggregator”.

The transaction is executed by the liquidity provider that offers the best price for the specified volume at a given moment. Information about the liquidity provider to which a transaction was submitted is stored in our company’s database. The client can be provided with this information upon request.

The broker does not currently offer Swap Free ECN accounts because liquidity providers perform swaps on behalf of the company.

The EXNESS Group gives traders an opportunity to trade in CFDs on futures, the underlying asset of which is oil.

The EXNESS Group is involved in various social causes. It currently supports WWF Russia’s projects to restore rare species: the Persian leopard in the Caucasus and the Siberian tiger in the Far East.


EXNESS offers tight floating spreads on three different trading accounts: the Mini, the Classic and their ECN accounts. No minimum deposit is required for the Mini account but only 100 positions can be open at one time. Also the spread is 0.3. The spread in the other two accounts is 0.1 and there is no limit in the amount of positions a trader can hold. The Classic account requires a $2000 opening deposit and the ECN $300. Trade execution is immediate for all accounts. ECN accounts have direct access to Interbank liquidity.

Clients have access to 1:2000 leverage which considerably lowers margin requirements and allows trading strategies to be managed flexibly.

A demo account can be opened for those wishing to practice their trades before putting their money at risk. Funds can be replenished in the demo account at will by filling out an online request form.


EXNESS posts up-to-date financial news and announcements of events occurring around the world directly to their website for all to read.

By clicking on any of the links in their ‘library’, anyone can access the numerous textual guides and explanations of general financial terms as well as topics specific to EXNESS.

EXNESS clients also have access to the most relevant economic news affecting the Forex market from Dow Jones News, the leading provider of information in the world of business and finance. The Dow Jones news coverage offers real-time broadcasting without delays. The news is available to clients, who have opened trading accounts with EXNESS.

A trader’s calculator/currency converter is available as are updated analytic reviews on currency pairs.